Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Journey - A Class Blog

For many months, I have wanted to started a class blog. I have a family blog that I created last year, and I have enjoyed getting use to the whole aspect of having one. My goal for 2012 is to do more blogging on it and to start up this blog.

My goal of this blog is to keep a journal of things I would like to remember. I do not see myself as the best teacher in my school. As matter of fact, I am probably far from the best. However, I do work hard and I am constantly trying to learn new things. I want to record things that work and things that have not worked, things that I like in my classroom and things that I think need to be changed, and most importantly to record those priceless memories that all teachers make with their students within the four walls of their classroom. By reflecting on these things, I hope to become a better teacher from year to year.

I can't promise how often I will contribute to this blog since it is new, but as with everything practice makes perfect. I look forward to seeing this grow and learning from reflection, other's opinions, and new ideas!