Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meet the Teacher Monday

I am linking up with Trina at The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom for her "Meet the Teacher Monday" linky party.  

The Business of Blogging 

1. How long have you been a blogger? 

I have been blogging since 2011, but I did not start a teacher blog until 2012.  Until here recently, I have not kept up with either of my blogs.

2. Do you have any blogs other than your teacher/education blog?
    Yes, I have a personal blog called "For Such a Time As This".  I have just recently started blogging more so it's actually up-to-date.

    3. What niche is your blog in? 

    This blog is more motivational and educational.  My personal blog is a little bit of everything.

    4. Do you have plans to start any other blogs? 

    No!  I think I have enough going on.  

    5. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

    I enjoy inspiring others and connecting with other bloggers.  I also like the good ideas I get from reading others' blogs.

    6.  What do you enjoy least about blogging? 

    The time it takes to keep a blog going.  It would be great to have a million followers, but all that takes time. 

    7.  How often do you blog? 

    I try to blog at least once a week for my series called "Wednesday's Word of Wisdom".  However, sometimes I get behind on these.  I would ideally like to blog at least 3 times a week.  

    8.  If you could meet anyone from the blogosphere, who would it be? 

    I don't guess there is just one blogger that I would like to meet.  However, I would love to go to a Teacher/Blogger Meet-Up at some point.

    9. Are there any hot-button issues you will not discuss on your blog? 

    I don't really refrain from any issues, but I definitely pray about everything I post before I post it.
    10.  Name one thing (or more) that you would like to accomplish with your blog? 

    I would love to gain more followers!  


    Wednesday, January 29, 2014

    Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

    Guess what?  It's Wednesday, and I am actually getting this post done on time!  Life has been settling down lately, but my husband is going out of town tomorrow until Sunday.  So, it will just be Adelaide (my 7 month old) and myself for a few days.  I keep telling myself that I can get everything done while he is gone so I can spend some time with him Sunday night.  We will see if that really happens.

    Anyways, back to this week's Wednesday's Word of Wisdom.  I have been having a hard time lately trying to find a balance between doing what is right and separating myself from negative people.  I go to work to make an impact on students, but it is so easy to get into a conversation with a coworker that brings someone down.  When I try to stay away from these people, I feel like I am talked about for keeping to myself.  It's not that I think I am better than anyone; it's just I have work to do, very little time to do it, and I want to set a good example.

    My Bible Study group has been studying "The Daniel Plan", and this week was on focus.  One of the scriptures that stuck out to me in my reading was one that hit home with what I am going through at school.  The scripture states:


    No one is perfect!  However, we don't have to do what everyone else is doing.  It is ok to be different as long as we are doing God's will, and we are doing it for the right reason.  I want to be positive and negative people bring me down.  I hope that when the people around me start to talk negative that I can say something positive to add to the conversation.  I may have to be in the world, but I don't have to be of the world.  

    I pray that if you are going through a similar situation that you find peace with being different.  I pray that you are able to see God's will being done in your life and that you are able to remain positive in a negative world.


    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

    I know it's Saturday, and I am just now writing Wednesday's Word of Wisdom.  Please forgive me! It has been a crazy week.  My 7 month old has been sick, our grade celebrated the 100th day of school, and I went a few nights with hardly any sleep.  I am determined that I will get this next week's post done on time.  :)

    This week I have really had to rely on the Lord.  Adelaide has been sick at home and not sleeping at all.  I have been going to work with hardly any sleep and trying to do the best I can to be an effective teacher.  Have you ever felt that you are giving it your all, but it still is not enough for some people?  That is how I have been feeling. This is the verse that I have held closely this week:

    Photo Credit:

    I have looked to the Lord to direct my paths.  I know I am doing what he has called me to do.  I know I am doing everything that I can do to teach my students.  I know he has handpicked every student for me to teach; I just have to trust him to use me.  Trust is hard, because you are leaving it up to someone else.  However, trusting God is the best!  When you trust him, he can do great things!

    I pray that you are able to trust the Lord.  I pray that you allow him to do his work through your life.  I pray that you are able to see clearly the direction he has for you and that you are able to use it to bring honor to Him!  I pray that we all have a great last week of January.


    Monday, January 20, 2014

    Meet the Teacher Monday

    I never got to the Meet the Teacher Monday linky last week that Trina was doing on her blog, "The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom".  So I am doubling up this week and doing last week's and this week's.

    Last Week's Topic was Vision Boards.
    Since I am a week behind I did not do a Vision Board, but I did answer the questions.  :)

    1. Where did I win in 2013?
    I won a precious baby girl on June 14.  We named her Adelaide.  She has really change my mindset this school year.  It is not all about my work anymore.  I am really trying to put God first, family second, friends third, and work last.

    2. Where did I lose in 2013?
    Since I was pregnant, I would have to say fitness.  Although I did not look pregnant most of the time, I definitely gained weight.  I am not comfortable where my weight is now and really want to change it before the summer.  I would also have to say finances.  Having a newborn is expensive.  We have plans to build a house so we want to get as much paid off in the next few months as we can.

    3. What did I learn?
    I can't do it all.  I have to find a middle ground for things.  I am working on this in 2014.

    4. Where do I want to be this time next year? 
    This time next year I would love to be in our new house beside my parents.  I would love to have all minor bills paid, down 20 lbs, and have ran a 10k.  We will see how that all goes.

    This week's topic is Three Things.
    List three words that describe you:
    1. Perfectionist (a.k.a. OCD) - My coworkers laugh at me all the time, because I am constantly having to redo things if they aren't right.  I don't like mistakes on papers.  I have to be organized so I can find everything.  This can be a problem at times.
    2. Positive - I try to remain positive and keep a smile on my face.  This doesn't always happen, but I am more positive than negative.  My husband might think differently, because I seem to let it all out when I get home.  However, in public I try to remain positive.
    3. Punctual - I can not stand to be late!  I am usually early to everything.
    What three things are on your bucket list?
    1. Visit all 50 states - I have already visited Hawaii so the next big trip will be to Alaska.  I would love to do an Alaskan cruise!
    2. Sky Dive - I know crazy, but I have always wanted to do this.
    3. Learn to play the guitar - I play piano so I want to teach myself guitar.  I got a guitar a few years ago, but it just collects dust in the corner.  I am hoping to change this during 2014.
    What is your favorite music genre? What are three of your favorite songs (any genre)?
    I have a major in Music.  I really love all music.  I guess my favorite music genre would be adult contemporary pop.  I don't prefer hard rock or rap, but I do listen to a lot of country, christian, and oldies.  My three favorite songs are
    1. Amazing Grace
    2. Bless the Broken Road
    3. Oh, Happy Day!
    If you won the lottery, what three things are you going to buy first?
    I don't think I would actually buy something, but this is what I would do...
    1. I would give 10% as tithes.
    2. I would pay off all current bills.
    3. I would set aside some for Adelaide's future.
    What's your favorite movie genre? What are three of your favorite movies (any genre)? 
    I am not big on movies, but I guess if I had to pick a favorite genre it would be romantic drama.
    My three favorite movies would probably be…
    1. The Notebook
    2. The Blindside
    3. Hunger Games
    List three of your character flaws:
    1. Workaholic - I love to be busy! Sometimes I overwork and don't spend enough time with family and friends.  I am working (haha) on this for 2014.  I need to find a good middle ground.
    2. People pleaser - I don't like upsetting people.  I have really had to learn the word "No" here lately.
    3. Planner - I like everything to be planned out.  My husband is the opposite so sometimes this becomes a problem.
    Three friendship personality DEAL BREAKERS:
    1. Negative - I don't like when someone is always negative and can't see the positive in something.
    2. Last Minute - Although I don't think everyone needs to be a punctual as I usually am, I don't like when someone is always late to everything or cancels at the last minute.  
    3. Living like a Teenager - I like people who act their age and not like they were still in high school.  We can all have a good time, but we are adults and there is a right way to do it.
    List three things you want MORE of:
    1. Time - Can't all teachers use more time?
    2. Money - Not too much, but enough to pay off my bills. :)
    3. Kids - Not right now, but I would love to have a few more kids.  I don't want Adelaide to be the only child like I was.
    I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me. :)


    Sunday, January 19, 2014

    A Day Our Way Linky

    I don't usually post twice in one day, but I wanted to go ahead and link up with this.  Since I was behind with my Wednesday's Word of Wisdom post, I thought maybe it would be ok.  So please forgive me as I am linking up with Amelia over at Where the Wild Things Learn for her A Day Our Way Linky.

    Here's a glimpse at my daily schedule:

    I teach 1st grade all subjects with the main emphasis on Reading and Math.  I also have ESL students, Inclusion students, and a student who attends Occupational therapy and Physical therapy two times a week.

    Morning Routine
    Students enter my room, unpack, mark their lunch choice on the Promethean Board, and starts on morning work.  The morning work consists of a few pages that are already on their tables.  At 8:00, the principal comes over the intercom to do the pledge, a moment of silence, and other morning announcements.  We go to the bathroom immediately after.

    My ESL and Inclusion students get pulled out to go work with their specialists.  I work with the others in my classroom.  The majority of the students left in my classroom are on grade level or way above grade level so we usually work on higher level stuff.  Sometimes I use this time to pull students back in small group and work with them on things they may need extra help with.

    Morning Work
    After intervention time, my inclusion students return back to the room.  I let my students finish their morning work.  I check it real quick and let them correct it.  ESL students don't come back until 9 so I use this time to get my table clear.  I don't want to teach since not all the students are in my classroom.

    Whole Group Reading
    All my student gather on the carpet, and we go over our weekly skills through a flipchart that I created for our Promethean Board.  This includes phonics skills, spelling review, listening, oral reading, and so much more.

    Calendar Math
    My students sit at their seats and answer questions based on the day of the week, number of days in school, and so much more.  This is a great review time.  The kids answer on dry erase boards while I complete the flipchart on the Promethean Board.  They love this time!

    Whole Group Math
    I teach the math lesson during whole group time using a flipchart I create for the Promethean Board.  Typically, I incorporate manipulatives and dry erase boards to help with student learning.  After completing the lessons, students work on a practice sheet that reinforces the skill.  The inclusion assistant comes in during this time and assists the inclusion students.

    Small Group Math
    With the help of my assistant and the inclusion assistant, I am able to divide my class into three groups. All the kids go to an adult for a small group lesson geared toward their level.  One group may be learning more about the whole group lesson, one may be learning how to add/subtract two digit numbers, and another group may be learning how to read a clock.  I love this time, because I am able to differentiate for my students.

    Restroom Break
    I always make sure my students wash their hands before we go to lunch!

    Students eat in the cafeteria.  I eat in my classroom so I can get ready for the rest of the day.  If I have a parent that comes to eat with one of the kids, I let them have the room, and I eat in the teacher's lounge. I don't mind doing this, but I can definitely tell a difference in my day.

    Restroom Break
    This break is probably not necessary, but I don't want kids asking to go during Small Group Reading everyday so we go ahead and take this break before we get back to our room.

    Small Group Reading
    I am lucky to have the inclusion assistant and my assistant again during this time.  Students are grouped in groups of 5 and spend 15 minutes at each station. They visit the inclusion assistant's table, the assistant's table, and my table every day for 15 minutes.  This leaves 15 minutes on their own.  They each go to one station that I have picked for them.  These stations include Writing, Word Study, Library, iPods, and Computer.  The y will go to each of these at least once each week.  During their time at a table, groups are taught on their level with vocabulary words, oral reading, language skills, and so much more.

    I teach a lesson on Monday.  The students practice on Tuesday, work on writing on Wednesday, practice the week's skill on Thursday and Friday.  The ESL teacher comes in during this time and works with the ESL students and their writing.  The inclusion assistant helps with the inclusion students and other.

    Restroom Break
    We are made to take our class to the bathroom before attending an auxiliary class.

    We have 6 auxiliary classes - Library, P.E., Writing Lab, Computer, Art, and Music.  We are on a 6 day rotation called POUNCE with each letter standing for a certain auxiliary class.  During this time, I get a planning period when we don't have meetings.

    Immediately when the kids return from auxiliary, we go outside for recess.  If the weather isn't nice, we stay inside and have what we call "indoor recess".  I have a cabinet full of blocks, puzzles, and much more that the kids love to play with during this time.

    Science & Social Studies
    Science and Social Studies are not required on our schedules, but I don't feel right if they aren't included on mine.  I teach these subjects in with our Reading, but I like to do a little more.  This gives me time to hit on special holidays and so much more.  During this time, we also have a snack since we have such an early lunch.

    Dismissal takes awhile since we have over 800 students at our school.  The first group is called at 2:40 which are the 1st grade car riders.  Most of my class are car riders so that only leaves a few in my class. These students help me get the class ready for the next day.

    This is just a little information about my schedule.  If you have any questions or want to know more about a certain time, just let me know.


    Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

    I know it's not Wednesday, but I missed doing Wednesday's post.  This was our first full week back in the swing of things at school.  There was also a full moon this week.  If you are an educator, you know exactly what this means.  Craziness!  This week I have really had to pray for patience.  I think we all go through these times, but I truly want to do the best I can in everything I do.  Therefore I clung to this verse:


    I have really been striving to do everything for the good.  It's definitely not always easy, and I fail in so many ways.  This week I have had to remember that God called me to be a teacher many years ago.  You see I love teaching! However, the daily tasks that come with it can be exhausting.  These range from understanding Common Core, following IEPs, writing lesson plans, practicing test taking procedures, and so much more than what we do not learn in college.  However, I do all I can for the students.

    God called me to not only teach, but he called me to teach in my hometown.  Some people do not understand this, because I have received job opportunities in other areas that would provide a better classroom environment.  However, those are not the students I am called to teach.  I love working with a wide range of students and learning about their home life.  Through the year, I grow a bind with students that I hope they cherish as much as I do.

    So when the going gets rough and I doubt what I am doing, I cling to this verse.  My love for God comes first!  After this, he will help me with everything else.

    I pray that you are able to feel a peace at where you are as an educator.  I pray that you see what a blessing you are in your students' lives.  I pray that when times get rough that you remember that God has a purpose for you, and that with his help you will make it through it.


    Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

    Our students finally came back to school today after being off since before Christmas.  They were suppose to start yesterday, but with the extreme cold temperatures we had a teacher work day.  We had one Monday, too.  However, Monday we had to sit in an inservice ALL day.  Yesterday, we got to work in our rooms.  I love days where we get paid to work in our rooms.  I can get so much done!

    This year I have many goals for myself.  These goals range from work to personal life.  Do you ever feel though that things are just not possible?  Well I started a Bible study last night with a bunch of friends.  We are doing The Daniel Plan.  Our scripture this week and for this post is based on Philippians 4:13.

    Photo credit:

    With the implementation of Common Core, a new book series, and many other changes you may be facing, you may feel like you have too much going.  However, Christ will give you the strength to carry on.  Our first priority has to be to keep him as the focus point.  If we put something else first, then we will slowly fall apart.

    I do not know about you, but I have a hard time sometimes at my school.  I actually like Common Core (I know don't shoot me now.).  I don't mind change.  I like doing bigger and better things.  However, I feel like I am looked down upon sometimes from colleagues, because I do not speak negative of these things.  I try to remain positive not only for myself but also to be a positive role model for the new teachers (We have a bunch this year.).  It is hard to be positive though when there are quite a few negative remarks being passed daily.  Don't get me wrong, I can sometimes get caught up in this.  However, I really try not too with God's help.  I know that I can be successful with Christ's help!

    With today being the first time, everyone was back together.  I noticed a lot of changes today.  My students came in quiet and very unsure with themselves.  This did not last long! By this afternoon, they were back to normal.  However, I realized that some of my students have really grown up.  I have three repeaters in my class.  Two of these students were in my class last year so it's amazing to see how far they have come.  The one that was not in my class started the year off on a rocky path.  I had to "threaten" her a few times that I was going to take her to the office, and to be truthful I actually did a couple of times.  I had to do it to make a believer out of her.  However today as I sat back and watched her complete her work without any prompting and how confident she was, I knew that we were making improvements.  I truly think that every student that is placed in my room was hand picked not by my Principal but by God, and he has a reason for me to be their teacher for a year.  I would not be able to be successful as a teacher without Christ's help. For..


    I pray that in this new semester that you do not get down with all the new stuff and remember that you can do anything with God's help.  I pray that you maintain focus this semester and remember why you were called to this profession.  I pray for the students in your class that they may learn to their fullest potential.  I pray that you are able to keep a balance between work and school and that you are able to let your light shine in everything you do!


    Thursday, January 2, 2014

    January Currently & The Best Year Yet

    Since yesterday I wanted to start the year off right with my Wednesday's Word of Wisdom, I waited to post my January Currently today.

    Listening - I am listening to sweet Adelaide sleeping, and Kevin watching TV.  This seems to be the normal lately.

    Loving - I am loving having time off.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job!  However, I need time off to reflect, rest, and restore my passion.

    Thinking - I am thinking about everything that I have on my To Do list that needs to be done before going back to work on Monday.  Oh my!  Hopefully, I will be able to check some of those off today.

    Wanting - I would love to be able to snap my fingers and my house to be cleaned.  Kevin always says our house isn't dirty, but I am a little OCD and like everything to be dusted.

    Needing - I am needing to be more productive.  I feel like when I am on break that I don't get as much done as when I am working.  This should be the opposite.

    Memory and/or Tradition - I was glad to have continued a Christmas tradition with Adelaide this year.  We go to the local nursing home on Christmas Eve night and deliver gifts to the residents while they sleep.  Then when they wake up it looks as if Santa has came.  I have done this with my family since I was born, and I was thrilled to continue this with my daughter.

    If you have some time, go link up with Farley at "Oh' Boy 4th Grade".

    I also wanted to link up with Ashley at Just Reed with her The Best Year Yet Linky Party.

    This week it's all about our Spiritual Goals.  Where do I start?  I have so many spiritual goals for this year.  I think my post about my One Little Word explains my overall goal which is to let my light shine in everything I do.  I have been so overwhelmed with my work that I have let my light burn out in areas of family, friends, and home life.  I want to change this in the upcoming year.  

    1.  I am going to actively participate in my church.  First, I need to join the church.  I have been going with my husband to his home church for a few years, but I have never joined.  I want to move my membership to the church and become more active in the church.  

    2.  I am going to participate in Bible studies.  I love doing Bible studies, because they hold me accountable.  I have joined in on one with ladies of the church that starts next week.  We will be studying The Daniel Plan.  I am excited about this, but I know it will be a lot different than my normal Beth Moore, Lysa Turkeurst, or Priscilla Shirer studies.

    3.  I want to read the Bible through.  I have done this before, but I want to do it again.  I plan on reading the Bible through and putting notes in it for Adelaide.  

    4.  I am going to commit more scripture to memory.  I have memorized a lot of scripture before, but I want to be more consistent.  So I am going to memorize a verse per week.  My plans are to write the verse on an index card and place on my mirror in the bathroom.  Once the week is up, I will change it out and keep it on a ring.  Then at the end of the year I will have all the verses I memorized in one place.  When Adelaide gets older, I want her to do this too.

    5.  Last but definitely not least, I want to spread the good news!  

    What are your spiritual goals for the new year?

    Wednesday, January 1, 2014

    Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

    I think it is great that today is the first day in 2014 and yet it is also Wednesday.  I started Wednesday's Word of Wisdom posts awhile back, but in the midst of getting too busy with work I failed to continue them just after a few weeks.  I plan on picking them back up this year.

    My One Little Word for 2014 is "Shine".  You can look back here and see why I picked it.  I referenced to Matthew 5:16 in that post, but I wanted to pick another verse for the first one of 2014 that still went along with my OLW.  Therefore I chose, Matthew 5:14.  It states:

    Photo Credit to

    As the new year begins, it will be easy to be the light.  However as time passes, life gets busy, and a school break is needed, it will be easy to lose the light.  We need to let our light shine in everything we do.  I especially want to do this when I return back to my school building next week.  I want to be the light for not only my coworkers but also the students I encounter each day.  Teaching is a true treasure, and I do not want to be hidden light.  I want to be a light that glows throughout the building.  I want others to talk about my light and the joy they see from me. I want to be the light!  Will you choose to be the light at your school, too?

    Photo credit to

    I pray that you are able to enjoy your last few days at home.  I pray that God gives you the energy to be the light of your world.  I pray that others are able to see Him through you for you may be the only Bible someone reads.  I pray that as life gets busy that you are able to continue being the light.

    Let's work together and help each other Be the Light!