Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

I officially should receive the worse blogger award.  I have been meaning to get on here and catch up, but I have been so extremely busy since school starts back.  It seems like when school starts back everything starts back.  Football season is in full swing, and so my afternoons are busy getting cheer stuff together and my Friday nights are spent watching football.  My husband is busy harvesting the fields. :)  So he has not been much help around the house.  Yes, my husband helps out a lot at home to help me out so it makes a world of difference when he's not around.  I love my life busy, but it takes some getting use to after being off from the summer.

As my life feels up with meetings, lessons, games, and so much more, I have to remember that I have to take time for myself and my family.  My husband just told me the other night that I need to learn a two letter word "N-O".  I have gotten better than I use to be, but I still have trouble telling people no.  I don't want to let anyone down.  This verse helps me remember the importance of what I commit to: 

When I get asked to do something now, I typically say I will get back with you after I pray about it and talk to my husband.  This gives me time to think and pray about it to see if it is God's Will.  I truly believe that we can get into things that aren't God's Will by being to quick to give a response.  When we do get in these things, we aren't able to be the best we can.

There are so many duties of a teacher, and we have to know our limits.  There are some things that have to be established such as the student's learning, our professional development, etc.  However, there are some things that aren't mandatory like cooking snacks for the class, decorating our classrooms to look cute, having our students do crafts, or coaching a sport.  These are all great and all, but only if done for the right reason.  

If we commit to something and can't give it 110%, then I don't think it was meant for us to do.  The Lord will help us with things that he has planned for our lives, but first we have to ask for his direction and then seek his guidance in  helping us accomplish it.  This not only allows us to have a sense of peace, but it also helps us accomplish great things.

I pray that you are able to learn the "two-letter word, N-O".  I pray that you seek God's will before agreeing to extra activities this year.  I pray that you put Christ first in all your duties.  I pray that when times get rough that you seek God's guidance, because He is the answer to all of our problems.  


  1. Elizabeth,
    Hang in there, Girl! You do what you can and that's all that can be asked.
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  2. My husband gives me the same advice on the word N-O!! This week the pressure has definelty ben on as I am getting ready for school to start Monday and I always enjoy your blogs and your boldness to talk about the Lord!