Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

I have been missing in action the past couple of weeks due to total chaos. It is definitely football season. There are so many things going on with school and cheerleading. Hopefully, things will calm down soon. I apologize for not having Wednesday's Word of Wisdom last week. I had all intentions of doing so, but our weekly football game got changed to a different night due to storms and so I spent my night rearranging plans and making sure everything was set for a night earlier. This devotion is definitely appropriate for how I am feeling today. My inspiration came from a Cornerstone devotion that I received a couple of weeks ago.


I am very overwhelmed this week!  I have a Freshman Football game tomorrow night, a Varsity Football game Friday night that is about an hour away, and then the girls and I leave at midnight Friday night for Knoxville to cheer at a UT game on Saturday.  On top of cheerleading, I just found out that the 1st and 2nd graders at our school will be taking the SAT-10 next week.  We have to have everything taken down or covered in our rooms!  I also have wife duties, grad school, and piano.  It's crazy right now.

This has been my verse the past few weeks.  I am overwhelmed, but my strength comes from the Lord.  He knew all of this was coming before I did.  As the teachers at my school has created as our theme quote for this year, "It is what it is."  I have to take what I am given and count my blessings.  

Are any of you feeling overwhelmed right now?  How do you manage a blog and the craziness of life?  (Obviously, I am not doing a great job right now.)  What verse do you go to when you are overwhelmed?

I pray that you are able to keep from being overwhelmed this year.  I pray that you keep God as your Rock.  I pray that if you do become overwhelmed that your remember that God has a plan and He is your strength.

*Sorry this post is probably more for me than you, but I did want to share what was on my heart real quick.*

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  1. I agree. This was a great post. I am trying to be more consistent about my gratitude list and exercise.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack