Monday, July 2, 2012

Skippyjon Jones & A River Trip

My husband and I finally got to go to dinner lunch for our anniversary.  He was off on Friday so we went to Olive Garden to eat on our way through Jackson to go to the river.  They are definitely having a deal with their 2 for $25.  We had more food than we could eat and was able to take our leftovers with us.

(Sorry for the picture being so dark, but I didn't want to ask the waitress to take it again.)

I also talked my husband into letting my swing by Kohl's to pick up some Skippyjon Jones stuff.  I was excited to hear that they had this earlier in the week, because one of my reading baskets at school is devoted to Skippyjon Jones books.  Here is what I grabbed:

I was able to enjoy a nice relaxing, but hot weekend on the Tennessee River.  It really helps to see this view on the weekends to remind us that we need to slow down and enjoy life.  

However, we are back to the duties of the week.  We got an e-mail this weekend saying the halls are done being waxed at our school and that it is open to work in again.  I am very excited to see what all I can get done.  Check back to see what I accomplish.

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