Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Too Noisy!

Do you ever have that class that the kids just can't keep their mouth shut for one second?  I have that class this year.  The kids are great kids, but they are so comfortable with each other that all they want to do is talk!  I have been desperate to find something that will work to motivate them to be quiet.  I found it this week on the internet!

Too Noisy - The App

Toon Noisy Banner 

This app is available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

This app consists of a noise level meter built for the classroom.  This helps teachers keep control of the noise levels in their classrooms.  Similar to a speedometer, the noise level meter increases as the sounds in the classroom increases.  If it gets "too noisy", then the alarm goes off.  With the pro version, teachers can control the noise levels for various parts of the day such as group work and/or silent time.

I started using this app today, and my kids loved it!  They kept asking me to turn it on.  I made a rule that if they didn't set it off that they could get a marble in the good side of our rewards scale, but if they set it off they had to put a marble in the bad side of our rewards scale.  Well low and behold, I set it off twice by being too noisy myself...haha.  The kids thought this was hilarious!
You can check out more information about it here.
What have you found that works for your classes that like to talk a lot?

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  1. That sounds like a great app! I used a "quiet game" app the other day too and the kids loved it!
    Good luck with the talking this year.
    First Grade Found Me