Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm Back!!!

After almost a year of being away from the blog, I have finally decided to come back.  This year has been full of great things in life, and I am ready to start blogging again.  I thought the 1st of September would be a great time to do this.  Let me catch you up on a few things:

Last Fall, I worked on completing my Masters of Science in Education with an emphasis on Administration.  I have no plans on leaving the classroom, but I wanted to go ahead and have a back-up plan for the future.  I was able to walk at graduation in December!

(Yes, my husband looks like he could be featured on Duck Dynasty.  He has this thing with not shaving during duck hunting season.  I have quit fighting him on it. haha )

Also, we found out in September that we were expecting our first child! (Hence, my puffy face at graduation.)  We kept it a secret until after Thanksgiving.  I am really not sure how we did it, but we were able to without anyone even expecting it.  We had so much fun telling everyone in unique ways.  We told my parents by asking them to come over that we had a project we needed help with in the office.  They walked in to see a poster saying "Future Baby Room - Deadline June 2013".  Their reaction was priceless.

Then we told Kevin's sister by having her open up a late birthday present in which she found a shirt announcing being promoted to aunt.

We had so much fun and was able to catch both on video and by picture.  Best of all we were able to tell all our family and friends through our Christmas card.  I take a lot of time on my Christmas card each year to make sure it is memorable, and this one was one of my favorites to do.

(Sorry I can't figure out how to rotate it.)

Here is a close-up of the picture.

It was so much fun getting phone calls and text messages from people once they received their Christmas card.  In January, we had a Gender Reveal party at Kevin's aunt's house (a Bed & Breakfast in our hometown).  It was fun to see what everyone guessed we would have.  We had a box that we opened that contained balloons.

It was a girl!  We welcomed Adelaide Elizabeth to our family on June 14.  She weighed 8 lbs 7 ounces and was 20 inches long.

I worked all last year and only missed a 1/2 day for a long doctor's appointment, and I went back to work this year like normal so things have been a little crazy with everything going on.  However, we are enjoying being a family of three and getting use to the crazy life of a teacher and farmer.

I am looking forward to blogging again and catching up with some of you.  Make sure to follow so you can catch my Wednesday's Word of Wisdom that will also start back this week. :)


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