Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

I know I am a day late, but it has been one of those weeks.  Have you ever had one of those weeks? Where you could not get anything done? Where nothing seems to go right?  Where it seems that everyone is against you?  That is how I have felt lately.  I know it is not true, but I just feel like I have more trouble than good.  I have double-booked all week, I have had a sick 12 week old, and I have not caught up on sleep from a weekend trip to the other side of the state with the high school cheer team that I coach.  In the midst of all my troubles, I have had to remember this verse:


God is my strength. If I put him first, then my troubles will be less.  However, when I put everything else first then I will get like I was this week.  It's definitely hard sometimes in our extremely busy society, but we have to realize what is the most important.  First comes God.  Then comes my husband.  Then comes my daughter.  Everything else comes after.  When I am able to put these things in this order my days go by better, and I don't feel overwhelmed with troubles.

I think my trouble first started on Sunday when I missed church due to the cheer trip.  Now I couldn't help missing church, because we were on the long road back home.  However, I could have devoted some of my time studying His Word.  The whole time after I felt behind and not knowing what to do next.  Last night, I finally put everything on my forever long To Do list aside and made myself go to our Sunday School Class's first night of Bible Study.  It was definitely what I needed.  It's amazing what a difference it makes when you prioritize correctly.

I pray that you will find hope in your times of trouble.  I pray that in the midst of our crazy world that you are able to put God first. I pray that you are able to not be burden with everything going on, but you are able to find peace in this life.

I hope you have a great Friday, tomorrow!  I'll be back this weekend with a new entry. :)


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