Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet the Teacher Monday - What If?

I am breaking a rule and posting twice in one day.  However, I wanted to get my Silly Student Sayings post written this weekend.  It just didn't happen, because I was enjoying spending time with my family.  Make sure you check it out, because there are some funny sayings. :)

I am linking up again with Trina at The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom for her "Meet the Teacher Monday" linky party. 

Meet The Teacher Monday: WHAT IF?

1. If you could stop a bad habit that you have, what habit would you stop?
Overbooking myself!  I want to do everything, and I have a hard time saying "No".

2. If you woke up suddenly because your house was on fire (God forbid), what three things would you grab?
  • My daughter
  • My purse 
  • My iPhone
I would want to grab a lot more though!

3. We live is a dystopian society, and the music police is in charge of all things music. If you were forced to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be? You can only pick one. 
"Amazing Grace" - It gives me hope now and for the future.

4. If you saw someone with their dress tucked into their SPANX, would you tell them? 
Yes! I would want someone to tell me so I would definitely tell someone else.  Of course, I would do it in a polite way. 

5. If you were given a time machine and could go back in time to give your younger self a message, what would that message be?
I would go back and tell myself to enjoy life.  I feel like I rushed through my teenage years to grow up.  I have always been a workaholic, and now I wish I could have had more fun.  Instead, I was always worried about my future.  

6. If your were able to have one supernatural power, what power would it be?
I would love to have the supernatural power to fly!  I could do so many more things if I could just get there. 

7. If you could have 25 hours a day (while everyone else still has 24), what would you do with the extra hour?
I would probably work during that extra hour which I hope it would make me feel like I was ahead if that is even possible.

8. If you could live in one time period, what time period would you choose?
I think I would have liked to live in the 50s.  I would not like the racism that occurred, but I would like the music, clothes, etc.  

9.  If you could live anywhere in the world (cost is not a factor), where would you live? 
Hawaii - I went there on my honeymoon and loved it! 

10. If you could have a grand party, and invite any 3 people in the world (dead or live, real or fictional), who would you invite?
This is hard, because I am not big on celebrities or anything.
  1. Mandisa (I have loved learning more about her lately.)
  2. Bruno Mars (He could provide the music.)
  3. Rachael Ray (She could help with the food.)
Now it's your turn!



  1. I'm coming to your party if Rachel Ray is going to be there:-) I feel like I rushed through high school too. And for what?? So I can pay bills and be stressed out 24/7? Adulthood is not what I thought it would be...I wish I would have made better choices.

  2. I will totally go live with you in Hawaii! My hubby and I went there for our fifth anniversary, and are hoping to go back for our tenth! We could totally have a blogging meet up there!! :)

    Mrs. 3rd Grade