Monday, February 17, 2014

Silly Student Sayings

We all know that kids say the craziest things.  Well, one of my assistants has challenged me to keep a record of everything silly my kids say in class.  We have heard some crazy things this year.  I have started recording these things in a journal with kids' names and such.  However, I also wanted to share with my readers on here.  I plan on updating on the weekends when one occurs. So check back to see what is said in a first grade room. :)

Teacher: "Why are you at your backpack?"
Student: "I thought I came to school with diapers in my backpack."
Teacher: "Why would you have diapers?  Do you need them?"
Student: "No, but my mom might with my baby brother."

I am glad my backpack area doesn't look like this!

Teacher: "Does anyone know why the police called the mother a cuckoo?"
Student: "No, but she must be from Bolivar.  My parents say that all the cuckoos live in Bolivar."

Teacher: "Why have you been acting up today?"
Student: "You know what caused my misbehavior?  It's this scar under my eye.  It has caused me to act this way."

Student: "Why is that written sloppy?" (Pointing to the Promethean Board in which I had typed something.)
Teacher: "You mean this?" (Pointing to a book title in italics.)
Student: "Yes, it's sloppy.  You wouldn't let me turn my work in like that."

Student: "Do I have a booger in my nose?" (As he comes to me with his head back)

Can't wait to see what else comes up!  Here's to a great week!


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