Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

Our students finally came back to school today after being off since before Christmas.  They were suppose to start yesterday, but with the extreme cold temperatures we had a teacher work day.  We had one Monday, too.  However, Monday we had to sit in an inservice ALL day.  Yesterday, we got to work in our rooms.  I love days where we get paid to work in our rooms.  I can get so much done!

This year I have many goals for myself.  These goals range from work to personal life.  Do you ever feel though that things are just not possible?  Well I started a Bible study last night with a bunch of friends.  We are doing The Daniel Plan.  Our scripture this week and for this post is based on Philippians 4:13.

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With the implementation of Common Core, a new book series, and many other changes you may be facing, you may feel like you have too much going.  However, Christ will give you the strength to carry on.  Our first priority has to be to keep him as the focus point.  If we put something else first, then we will slowly fall apart.

I do not know about you, but I have a hard time sometimes at my school.  I actually like Common Core (I know don't shoot me now.).  I don't mind change.  I like doing bigger and better things.  However, I feel like I am looked down upon sometimes from colleagues, because I do not speak negative of these things.  I try to remain positive not only for myself but also to be a positive role model for the new teachers (We have a bunch this year.).  It is hard to be positive though when there are quite a few negative remarks being passed daily.  Don't get me wrong, I can sometimes get caught up in this.  However, I really try not too with God's help.  I know that I can be successful with Christ's help!

With today being the first time, everyone was back together.  I noticed a lot of changes today.  My students came in quiet and very unsure with themselves.  This did not last long! By this afternoon, they were back to normal.  However, I realized that some of my students have really grown up.  I have three repeaters in my class.  Two of these students were in my class last year so it's amazing to see how far they have come.  The one that was not in my class started the year off on a rocky path.  I had to "threaten" her a few times that I was going to take her to the office, and to be truthful I actually did a couple of times.  I had to do it to make a believer out of her.  However today as I sat back and watched her complete her work without any prompting and how confident she was, I knew that we were making improvements.  I truly think that every student that is placed in my room was hand picked not by my Principal but by God, and he has a reason for me to be their teacher for a year.  I would not be able to be successful as a teacher without Christ's help. For..


I pray that in this new semester that you do not get down with all the new stuff and remember that you can do anything with God's help.  I pray that you maintain focus this semester and remember why you were called to this profession.  I pray for the students in your class that they may learn to their fullest potential.  I pray that you are able to keep a balance between work and school and that you are able to let your light shine in everything you do!


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