Monday, January 20, 2014

Meet the Teacher Monday

I never got to the Meet the Teacher Monday linky last week that Trina was doing on her blog, "The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom".  So I am doubling up this week and doing last week's and this week's.

Last Week's Topic was Vision Boards.
Since I am a week behind I did not do a Vision Board, but I did answer the questions.  :)

1. Where did I win in 2013?
I won a precious baby girl on June 14.  We named her Adelaide.  She has really change my mindset this school year.  It is not all about my work anymore.  I am really trying to put God first, family second, friends third, and work last.

2. Where did I lose in 2013?
Since I was pregnant, I would have to say fitness.  Although I did not look pregnant most of the time, I definitely gained weight.  I am not comfortable where my weight is now and really want to change it before the summer.  I would also have to say finances.  Having a newborn is expensive.  We have plans to build a house so we want to get as much paid off in the next few months as we can.

3. What did I learn?
I can't do it all.  I have to find a middle ground for things.  I am working on this in 2014.

4. Where do I want to be this time next year? 
This time next year I would love to be in our new house beside my parents.  I would love to have all minor bills paid, down 20 lbs, and have ran a 10k.  We will see how that all goes.

This week's topic is Three Things.
List three words that describe you:
  1. Perfectionist (a.k.a. OCD) - My coworkers laugh at me all the time, because I am constantly having to redo things if they aren't right.  I don't like mistakes on papers.  I have to be organized so I can find everything.  This can be a problem at times.
  2. Positive - I try to remain positive and keep a smile on my face.  This doesn't always happen, but I am more positive than negative.  My husband might think differently, because I seem to let it all out when I get home.  However, in public I try to remain positive.
  3. Punctual - I can not stand to be late!  I am usually early to everything.
What three things are on your bucket list?
  1. Visit all 50 states - I have already visited Hawaii so the next big trip will be to Alaska.  I would love to do an Alaskan cruise!
  2. Sky Dive - I know crazy, but I have always wanted to do this.
  3. Learn to play the guitar - I play piano so I want to teach myself guitar.  I got a guitar a few years ago, but it just collects dust in the corner.  I am hoping to change this during 2014.
What is your favorite music genre? What are three of your favorite songs (any genre)?
I have a major in Music.  I really love all music.  I guess my favorite music genre would be adult contemporary pop.  I don't prefer hard rock or rap, but I do listen to a lot of country, christian, and oldies.  My three favorite songs are
  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Bless the Broken Road
  3. Oh, Happy Day!
If you won the lottery, what three things are you going to buy first?
I don't think I would actually buy something, but this is what I would do...
  1. I would give 10% as tithes.
  2. I would pay off all current bills.
  3. I would set aside some for Adelaide's future.
What's your favorite movie genre? What are three of your favorite movies (any genre)? 
I am not big on movies, but I guess if I had to pick a favorite genre it would be romantic drama.
My three favorite movies would probably be…
  1. The Notebook
  2. The Blindside
  3. Hunger Games
List three of your character flaws:
  1. Workaholic - I love to be busy! Sometimes I overwork and don't spend enough time with family and friends.  I am working (haha) on this for 2014.  I need to find a good middle ground.
  2. People pleaser - I don't like upsetting people.  I have really had to learn the word "No" here lately.
  3. Planner - I like everything to be planned out.  My husband is the opposite so sometimes this becomes a problem.
Three friendship personality DEAL BREAKERS:
  1. Negative - I don't like when someone is always negative and can't see the positive in something.
  2. Last Minute - Although I don't think everyone needs to be a punctual as I usually am, I don't like when someone is always late to everything or cancels at the last minute.  
  3. Living like a Teenager - I like people who act their age and not like they were still in high school.  We can all have a good time, but we are adults and there is a right way to do it.
List three things you want MORE of:
  1. Time - Can't all teachers use more time?
  2. Money - Not too much, but enough to pay off my bills. :)
  3. Kids - Not right now, but I would love to have a few more kids.  I don't want Adelaide to be the only child like I was.
I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me. :)



  1. Hi Elizabeth, I am your newest follower! :o) I love all 3 of your favorite movies! Good luck with your 10K and congratulations on your baby girl!


  2. So glad I found you through the linky!! Congrats on your baby girl too! Aren't baby girls amazing!!! I hope that you are getting some sleep!! I would love to hear about how great things are going!! My baby girl is my second, I keep comparing her to her brother, and it is amazing how different they are!! Good luck with building a home!! How exciting!! We can encourage each other to get rid of that baby weight!! Good luck in 2014, I'm sure you'll do great!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade

  3. Thanks for participating. You were definitely winning in 2013 with the birth of your baby girl. Congrats! I read that you put God first. I am reconnecting with God and I find myself a little bit happier these days. Good luck with getting the baby weight off. I am still trying to lose my baby weight. My kids are 16 and 20...LOL

    I would love to do all of the things listed on your bucket list. I have been wanting to skydive for the longest, but I cant find anyone to do it with me. The Hunger Games is also one of my favorite movies and I loved reading the series as well.

    I don's see planning as a character flaw. I wish I was more of a planner. I would probably get more done and be better organized. Thanks again for playing along and hope you join me next week.

  4. Visiting all 50 states is great fun. I have been to 19 - in fact Tennessee was one of the states we visited this summer. Loved Fall creek Falls State Park, ran a 10K there in August. Enjoy your baby girl! Maria