Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

I think it is great that today is the first day in 2014 and yet it is also Wednesday.  I started Wednesday's Word of Wisdom posts awhile back, but in the midst of getting too busy with work I failed to continue them just after a few weeks.  I plan on picking them back up this year.

My One Little Word for 2014 is "Shine".  You can look back here and see why I picked it.  I referenced to Matthew 5:16 in that post, but I wanted to pick another verse for the first one of 2014 that still went along with my OLW.  Therefore I chose, Matthew 5:14.  It states:

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As the new year begins, it will be easy to be the light.  However as time passes, life gets busy, and a school break is needed, it will be easy to lose the light.  We need to let our light shine in everything we do.  I especially want to do this when I return back to my school building next week.  I want to be the light for not only my coworkers but also the students I encounter each day.  Teaching is a true treasure, and I do not want to be hidden light.  I want to be a light that glows throughout the building.  I want others to talk about my light and the joy they see from me. I want to be the light!  Will you choose to be the light at your school, too?

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I pray that you are able to enjoy your last few days at home.  I pray that God gives you the energy to be the light of your world.  I pray that others are able to see Him through you for you may be the only Bible someone reads.  I pray that as life gets busy that you are able to continue being the light.

Let's work together and help each other Be the Light!


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