Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

I know it's Saturday, and I am just now writing Wednesday's Word of Wisdom.  Please forgive me! It has been a crazy week.  My 7 month old has been sick, our grade celebrated the 100th day of school, and I went a few nights with hardly any sleep.  I am determined that I will get this next week's post done on time.  :)

This week I have really had to rely on the Lord.  Adelaide has been sick at home and not sleeping at all.  I have been going to work with hardly any sleep and trying to do the best I can to be an effective teacher.  Have you ever felt that you are giving it your all, but it still is not enough for some people?  That is how I have been feeling. This is the verse that I have held closely this week:

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I have looked to the Lord to direct my paths.  I know I am doing what he has called me to do.  I know I am doing everything that I can do to teach my students.  I know he has handpicked every student for me to teach; I just have to trust him to use me.  Trust is hard, because you are leaving it up to someone else.  However, trusting God is the best!  When you trust him, he can do great things!

I pray that you are able to trust the Lord.  I pray that you allow him to do his work through your life.  I pray that you are able to see clearly the direction he has for you and that you are able to use it to bring honor to Him!  I pray that we all have a great last week of January.


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