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A Day Our Way Linky

I don't usually post twice in one day, but I wanted to go ahead and link up with this.  Since I was behind with my Wednesday's Word of Wisdom post, I thought maybe it would be ok.  So please forgive me as I am linking up with Amelia over at Where the Wild Things Learn for her A Day Our Way Linky.

Here's a glimpse at my daily schedule:

I teach 1st grade all subjects with the main emphasis on Reading and Math.  I also have ESL students, Inclusion students, and a student who attends Occupational therapy and Physical therapy two times a week.

Morning Routine
Students enter my room, unpack, mark their lunch choice on the Promethean Board, and starts on morning work.  The morning work consists of a few pages that are already on their tables.  At 8:00, the principal comes over the intercom to do the pledge, a moment of silence, and other morning announcements.  We go to the bathroom immediately after.

My ESL and Inclusion students get pulled out to go work with their specialists.  I work with the others in my classroom.  The majority of the students left in my classroom are on grade level or way above grade level so we usually work on higher level stuff.  Sometimes I use this time to pull students back in small group and work with them on things they may need extra help with.

Morning Work
After intervention time, my inclusion students return back to the room.  I let my students finish their morning work.  I check it real quick and let them correct it.  ESL students don't come back until 9 so I use this time to get my table clear.  I don't want to teach since not all the students are in my classroom.

Whole Group Reading
All my student gather on the carpet, and we go over our weekly skills through a flipchart that I created for our Promethean Board.  This includes phonics skills, spelling review, listening, oral reading, and so much more.

Calendar Math
My students sit at their seats and answer questions based on the day of the week, number of days in school, and so much more.  This is a great review time.  The kids answer on dry erase boards while I complete the flipchart on the Promethean Board.  They love this time!

Whole Group Math
I teach the math lesson during whole group time using a flipchart I create for the Promethean Board.  Typically, I incorporate manipulatives and dry erase boards to help with student learning.  After completing the lessons, students work on a practice sheet that reinforces the skill.  The inclusion assistant comes in during this time and assists the inclusion students.

Small Group Math
With the help of my assistant and the inclusion assistant, I am able to divide my class into three groups. All the kids go to an adult for a small group lesson geared toward their level.  One group may be learning more about the whole group lesson, one may be learning how to add/subtract two digit numbers, and another group may be learning how to read a clock.  I love this time, because I am able to differentiate for my students.

Restroom Break
I always make sure my students wash their hands before we go to lunch!

Students eat in the cafeteria.  I eat in my classroom so I can get ready for the rest of the day.  If I have a parent that comes to eat with one of the kids, I let them have the room, and I eat in the teacher's lounge. I don't mind doing this, but I can definitely tell a difference in my day.

Restroom Break
This break is probably not necessary, but I don't want kids asking to go during Small Group Reading everyday so we go ahead and take this break before we get back to our room.

Small Group Reading
I am lucky to have the inclusion assistant and my assistant again during this time.  Students are grouped in groups of 5 and spend 15 minutes at each station. They visit the inclusion assistant's table, the assistant's table, and my table every day for 15 minutes.  This leaves 15 minutes on their own.  They each go to one station that I have picked for them.  These stations include Writing, Word Study, Library, iPods, and Computer.  The y will go to each of these at least once each week.  During their time at a table, groups are taught on their level with vocabulary words, oral reading, language skills, and so much more.

I teach a lesson on Monday.  The students practice on Tuesday, work on writing on Wednesday, practice the week's skill on Thursday and Friday.  The ESL teacher comes in during this time and works with the ESL students and their writing.  The inclusion assistant helps with the inclusion students and other.

Restroom Break
We are made to take our class to the bathroom before attending an auxiliary class.

We have 6 auxiliary classes - Library, P.E., Writing Lab, Computer, Art, and Music.  We are on a 6 day rotation called POUNCE with each letter standing for a certain auxiliary class.  During this time, I get a planning period when we don't have meetings.

Immediately when the kids return from auxiliary, we go outside for recess.  If the weather isn't nice, we stay inside and have what we call "indoor recess".  I have a cabinet full of blocks, puzzles, and much more that the kids love to play with during this time.

Science & Social Studies
Science and Social Studies are not required on our schedules, but I don't feel right if they aren't included on mine.  I teach these subjects in with our Reading, but I like to do a little more.  This gives me time to hit on special holidays and so much more.  During this time, we also have a snack since we have such an early lunch.

Dismissal takes awhile since we have over 800 students at our school.  The first group is called at 2:40 which are the 1st grade car riders.  Most of my class are car riders so that only leaves a few in my class. These students help me get the class ready for the next day.

This is just a little information about my schedule.  If you have any questions or want to know more about a certain time, just let me know.


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  1. I love that you are able to break your students up for math and teach them on where their ability is. I am able to do this too, and i can tell a huge difference between my class this year and my classes in the past!! Thanks for a glimpse into your day!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade