Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wednesday's Word of Wisdom

I know it's not Wednesday, but I missed doing Wednesday's post.  This was our first full week back in the swing of things at school.  There was also a full moon this week.  If you are an educator, you know exactly what this means.  Craziness!  This week I have really had to pray for patience.  I think we all go through these times, but I truly want to do the best I can in everything I do.  Therefore I clung to this verse:


I have really been striving to do everything for the good.  It's definitely not always easy, and I fail in so many ways.  This week I have had to remember that God called me to be a teacher many years ago.  You see I love teaching! However, the daily tasks that come with it can be exhausting.  These range from understanding Common Core, following IEPs, writing lesson plans, practicing test taking procedures, and so much more than what we do not learn in college.  However, I do all I can for the students.

God called me to not only teach, but he called me to teach in my hometown.  Some people do not understand this, because I have received job opportunities in other areas that would provide a better classroom environment.  However, those are not the students I am called to teach.  I love working with a wide range of students and learning about their home life.  Through the year, I grow a bind with students that I hope they cherish as much as I do.

So when the going gets rough and I doubt what I am doing, I cling to this verse.  My love for God comes first!  After this, he will help me with everything else.

I pray that you are able to feel a peace at where you are as an educator.  I pray that you see what a blessing you are in your students' lives.  I pray that when times get rough that you remember that God has a purpose for you, and that with his help you will make it through it.


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